North Port’s “commercial nodes”

North Port’s City Commissioners just approved “Biscayne Center”, a 3.6 acre development at the corner of Biscayne Drive and Ponce de Leon Blvd. Other than the city’s 2 main I-75 arteries, Sumter and Toledo Blade Blvd, Ponce de Leon is the only street in North Port that passes over I-75 to the North Port Estates. Biscayne Center will feature retail stores as well as an apartment complex. A few years ago, the issue of “commercial nodes” came to the forefront of debate within North Port, as plans were approved to build the Dollar store at the intersection of Cranberry and Price. Many residents in the nearby area were not aware that the 4 corners of the Cranberry and Price intersection were in fact, commercial nodes. Desperate and distraught residents organized to try and fight the development, to no avail. And now, we see another neighborhood where nearby homeowners will be affected. There are around a dozen such commercial nodes throughout the City of North Port. Just as most Realtors don’t discuss flood zones and building codes with potential buyers, most agents are either unaware of, or choose not to inform potential buyers of these nodes. It’s only years later – sometimes many years – that homeowners are alarmed when a Dollar store or 7-11 starts building in what was essentially their back yards. Stephen Schoenfeld, leader of the team, served on the Community Economic Development Advisory Board in it’s inaugural year, at the request of City Commissioners. He is well aware of the existence of the commercial nodes located throughout the City, and won’t hesitate to point these out to potential buyers. These nodes can be not only a future annoyance to residents, but they can also dramatically affect future re-sale value.

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We are pleased to announce the return of as a stand alone website. For the past year or so, was merged into a larger website as part of our old brokerage. Our team is now part of the Realty ONE Group Skyline network. All of our old, original blog posts are gone, and much of our original content too, but now that we are back as our own website, we will be adding new blog posts and new content moving forward. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to a brighter future!

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