Tanya Jopson

My experience with Stephen as a Realtor is exemplary. I was in the middle of a townhouse sale and relied on a Realtor to do what I was paying her for, her supposed expertise. After she lost me money on the sale, I fired her as the purchasing agent for my new home and my mortgage man put me in touch with Stephen. As the sale of my townhouse was falling apart, it was Stephen's advice and suggestions that helped save the transaction - a transaction that he was not even a party to! I found one home, put down a deposit, and then withdrew from the purchase. Stephen handled everything professionally and secured the return of my deposit. After looking at a number of homes, I finally found the perfect and my present home. I cannot say enough about my experience with Stephen. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it. He anticipated events and secured me insurance and dealt with the closing company. I hate to admit it in the end I was so house buying, single mother, full time worker, and full time college student burnt out that Stephen really stepped up and made the deal happen. The purchase used funds from England and had so many nuances that in observing Stephen in action he made it appear as if he was a pro at handling international deals all the time. Stephen has that quiet, assured strength that just seems to get things done smoothly and professionally, no flashy pretenses or fake promises when you hire Stephen for your home selling or buying deal - Would I use him again? Absolutely, to get the job done right the first time, call Stephen.

Christine Lasko

If I had only one word to describe Stephen Schoenfeld that word would be AWESOME! I approached Stephen with a budget of only $60,000 to purchase a home for myself and my son. I know that most Realtors wouldn't even bother with such a request but Stephen went out of his way to make me feel special and treated me like a VIP looking with a $600,000 budget. He was able to identify a number of homes and after looking at the first few, they needed way too much work for me. And then he found me a small, 2 bedroom home in North Port that was in move-in condition, for less than $50,000. He worked with me through the entire process, including inspections, insurance, and the title company making sure everything worked out. We have been in the home for over 5 years now and I recently spoke to Stephen and he told me the home is now worth more than double what I had paid for it! I really could not be happier and I will always recommend Stephen to anyone in need of a great, caring, and AWESOME Realtor!

Alexis and Rushane Porter

We were first time home buyers and so the entire experience was new to us. Stephen showed us all of the available homes in our price range. He pointed out the differences between the different types of roofs and explained concrete versus wood homes, and also taught us about flood zones. As we were on a strict budget and how these differences could affect our monthly payment. Our home inspection revealed that the home needed a new roof. The sellers were quick to offer us a credit for this. But Stephen explained that being FHA buyers, this would not work for us. The seller also did not have funds to install a new roof. Stephen was able to arrange for a brand new roof to be installed with the roofing company receiving payment at the settlement. He was able to put this all together and we were able to close on our new home and with a new roof. He even arranged for us to meet the roofing company before installation and we were able to pick the color we wanted! His experience and his knowledge were just amazing and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is buying a home.

Mary and Tom Rusch

We met Stephen Schoenfeld when he was still with Century 21. He took us out numerous times to look at homes and we appreciated his low-key, honest nature. Our life circumstances changed and we put our home search on hold...for more than 4 years. During that time period we recommended Stephen to two different family members and he took great care of them and they were both pleased with their experiences with Stephen. When the time finally came again that we were ready to buy our dream home, we contacted Stephen. But then our lender ran our reports and said we couldn't qualify for at least a year. Stephen put us in contact with another lender, who approved us within 24 hours! We really couldn't believe it. We wanted a pool home. Stephen explained that looking just at pool homes limited our options and he suggested that we could also look at the best available homes that had room to add a pool. He emailed us all the homes that met our needs and we picked out the ones we wanted to see. We looked at around 20 different homes. Stephen added one home that was in our email list but that we had rejected. I remember asking him why he was showing us a home that we didn't want to see. He said that we had already looked at about 20 homes and that he had a good feeling about this one. When we entered the home and looked around, we both knew that this was the one for us! It's as if, because of listening to us, and getting to know us and what we liked and didn't like, that he actually somehow had a better instinct for what was right for us than we did ourselves. We were simply blown away and made an offer that day and wound up with a home we are totally in love with! We have worked with alot of Realtors over the years. We would never work with anyone other than Stephen Schoenfeld again. We tell everyone we know, that he is simply the best.

Catherine Martinez-Carmona

I owned a home that I rented to my daughter and son-in-law. They had outgrown the home and needed a larger home. I contacted Stephen Schoenfeld. I was very impressed by his calm presence and his knowledge. I had told him my plans to fix the place up and he advised me not to spend the money, that the home was already in really nice condition and in doing so, saved me thousands of dollars. He listed the home and had it under contract in less than 48 hours, for full price! He then took me and my daughter to look at new homes, and found us a wonderful home that had everything we had asked for. We really felt like we were working with a family member in Stephen, not someone who we only recently met. He genuinely cared about us and we always felt he had our best interests at heart. We will absolutely use his services again in the future, and recommend him to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sell a home.

Joe and Eva Tulino

We really can't thank Stephen enough for all the challenging work and everything he did for us to sell our North Port home. He went above and beyond for us and it is appreciated more than you can imagine. His calming way really helped us through a very trying time and we couldn't have done it without him. His professionalism, knowledge, and guidance was so helpful. I hated to have to lean on him with me being out of state and he never once complained about having to deal with our difficult tenant. He stepped up for us and showed what a great person he is above and beyond being a great Realtor.